British Minister: Lebanon is in crisis and its leaders need to make urgent reforms

British Minister of State for the Middle East, James Cleverly, said on Monday that … Lebanon is in crisis He called on his leaders to “urgent reforms to achieve stability”.

He added via “Twitter” that he had spoken with the Lebanese ambassador today in Great Britain, Rami Mortada, of the developments in Lebanon, “and the repercussions if Lebanese leaders do not respond”.

Lebanese politicians, who failed to do anything to stop the collapse, have been arguing for more than a year over the formation of a new government to replace the one that resigned following the explosion of the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020.

The formation of a new government capable of carrying out reforms is a necessary condition for the flow of foreign aid.

And a US senator said on a visit to Beirut last week that Lebanon is in a state of “free fall” and that its story should not become a “terrifying story”, expressing the hope that a government will be formed this week to begin addressing its financial collapse.

The statement reflects growing concern about the situation in Lebanon, where a financial collapse that began in 2019 reached the stage of a major crisis last month, with a fuel shortage paralyzing the country and sparking security incidents and warnings that the worst is yet to come.

Another senator in a US Congressional delegation said Iranian fuel was shipped by Hezbollah militia in Lebanon is accompanied by complications, excluding that it is an attempt by the Iranians to “take the shot”.

The financial crisis is the biggest threat to Lebanon’s stability since the 1975-90 civil war.

More than half of the six million Lebanese have fallen in poverty. The World Bank says the country is experiencing one of the most severe recessions of modern times, with the currency depreciating by more than 90% and the financial system paralyzed.

Senator Richard Blumenthal told reporters at the end of a two-day visit: “Lebanon is in free fall. We’ve seen this movie before and it’s a terrifying story. But the good thing is that this can and should be avoided. “

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