British newspaper: Mahrez got married in secret “according to Islamic law”

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The British newspaper “The Sun” revealed the marriage of Algerian international, the star of England’s Manchester team, Riyad Mahrez and his fiancée Taylor, secretly under Islamic law, or ” wedding “, as she indicated. She said the couple is dressed in white and sang the word” acceptance “three times. She stated that Riyadh will hold another ceremony in Great Britain after her return from the African Cup to make their marriage legal in England. Riyad Mahrez of Man City and Dawn Ward’s daughter Taylor secretly married / 4Ncp3e55jY – The Sun (@TheSun) January 6, 2022 Taylor Ward announced in June last year his engagement to the star Algerian international Riyad Mahrez, through his Instagram account. Taylor posted two photos, accompanied by the captain of the Algerian national team, on the enchanting Greek island of Mykonos: the British beauty appeared wearing an engagement ring, while Mahrez appeared very happy in the video. Taylor said: “There is no one better than you to continue my life with, this is our life, I can’t wait to be together, I love you.” Taylor, 23, is a model and daughter of star of the reality and the interior designer, the millionaire Dawn Ward. It is reported that Ward had previously been in a relationship with former Manchester City and current Barcelona player Sergio Aguero. And the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ reported that Mahrez presented the engagement ring, worth over £ 400,000, after kneeling, noting that Mahrez and his fiancée were in island vacation with his parents. And Mahrez, 30, bought at the beginning of questyear, a new £ 2 million mansion in Cheshire, in the city of Manchester. And last February, the same newspaper revealed that Mahrez and his fiancée were dating after separating from his wife, Rita Johal, after a six-year marriage. The Algerian captain, who earns £ 200,000 as a weekly salary, has been linked to Taylor after his relationship with Rita ends, but the two boyfriends have not announced the date of their marriage. Mahrez’s ex-wife, Rita Johal, sparked a storm of controversy in August, with shocking statements about her husband, during which critics said she deliberately distorted her ex-husband’s image in front of public opinion and millions of his fans, from placing him in the frame of the “arrogant” husband, who abandoned his wife and children after The big leap in popularity and fortune with his move to Manchester City in 2018. And Johal, who is of Indian descent, said that the Algerian captain, who poses for photos with his current girlfriend Taylor Ward in the most luxurious resorts and hotels on the planet, is not the same person she was known with before fame and money. his life, such as changing his religious beliefs and stopping alcoholic beverages, in an interview with The Sun newspaper. In contrast to other stories about the reasons for the separation, he said: “He left me suddenly and was blaming the pressures of playing for Manchester City, while now he spends all his time traveling the world in vacation with no interest in the world, it was in 2014. I had no idea who he was, and he wasn’t a big name at the time, but he was charming, and I loved him, he was always nice to me, he told me you were beautiful, yeah it took care of my life and made me feel special. “And he continued:” I changed the way in I behaved with him, to the point where I changed my faith and stopped drinking because he didn’t drink. I really loved his worth and wanted a strong family life. “I’m starting to see changes after the overwhelming fame, stop wondering how my day went and what I’m going to do, ignore me. He said I’m stressed, it’s football, I’m nervous “. And he concluded: “In the end, things got worse when he went to the guest room and then one day he left for a hotel. He left his family and chose a new life, I begged him to go home, but he told me I couldn’t because of the pressure of football, when he was bored, and it was terrible for me. ” Rita’s novel, however, the documents and investigations give a different picture, perhaps the most famous of which is the episode of her exciting photos with boxer Antonti Joshua in a night club in delay, which caused Mahrez embarrassment and trouble, and they ended up divorcing.

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