British official: Hezbollah’s role in Yemen is in Destabilized Syria and Iraq

The question of the formation of the Lebanese government remains stuck in the bottleneck of obstacles, conditions and counterconditions for more than eight months after Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s mandate, at a time when in that the international pressure on political officials increases, die Accelerate government formation with it die necessary reforms carried out, die a lifeline for die Represent economics, die yourself in the worst crisis since the end of the war in the nineties.

Although Beirut has recently witnessed the movement of delegates by Arab and Western officials, the last of which is U.S. Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, David Hill, to move die urging affected powers to fulfill their duty to form governments swiftly, the iceberg of crisis still stands because of the demands and conditions on which it is based die international community, in particular die European Union, and thus France, urged “punitive measures” against die Threatening spoilers.

The causes of the crisis are complex

In an interview with Al British Chargé d’Affaires Martin Langden stressed that “Lebanon has one of the most difficult crises in its history and its causes are complex and long-term, but serious reforms and profound changes are needed. “

He also criticized die Role of Hezbollah in of the region, from Iraq to Syria and Yemen, and demanded die Lebanon’s neutrality towards regional conflicts.

In addition, he waved the specter of sanctions against a number of Lebanese officials, die in Public theft and corruption cases were involved.

And he pondered: “The lack of serious reforms becomes an increasing existential threat to die Representing Lebanese nation. Hence, political leaders and all who die Have influence and put their personal rivalries and interests aside instead die Show responsibility and leadership die this moment of danger demands and die Commitment to reform in the national interest. “

Lebanon is stuck and drowning

He noted, however, that “despite the importance of the move to form a new government, these issues will not be resolved, but without this step Lebanon will be stuck and drowned”.

And whether the UK will impose sanctions on those die For die ongoing crisis in Lebanon are responsible, pointed out die Chargé d’Affairs opposite the embassy in Beirut advises that “political and economic corruption die Destroyed stability and prosperity in Lebanon and die Stole the future of many people. “

He also added: “Perhaps we have all been very tolerant of political officials for a long time. From here we confirm that die British government realizes they die Practices of these people not accepted, and we now have a “Magnitsky” criminal offense system that we can use against those die steal from the Lebanese state or participate in other violations. “

Dancing on the edge of an abyss

“Great Britain is located in an active and focused discussion with key partners to understand how die the international community should best promote positive change in Lebanon. However, real reform, transparency and accountability remain essential if Lebanon’s horizons really shift, “Langden said.

The Chargé d’Affairs of the British Embassy closed last week die tweeted the current political situation and specifically addressed the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, son-in-law of the President of the Republic, and said: “Basil was very open about die UK concerns raised about Lebanon. On the edge of an abyss and it requires all parties to take their responsibilities and act. ”

Not a polite diplomatic speech

In context, he said: “I have spoken openly with all Lebanese officials and I am not interested in playing the guilt game as there are enough of them. Britain is very concerned about die current situation and I think we are right about that. “

“This moment is not intended for polite diplomatic rhetoric, but it is a moment for die true friends of Lebanon, raise the alarm and be honest and even open about die Danger to speak to which this country is now exposed. Lebanon is rapidly approaching collapse and die Time is running out The longer inactivity, the greater it is die Risks we face and the higher the price we face, “he added. The Lebanese will end up paying for it, and they are already paying it.”

What about Hezbollah ?!

Regarding whether die Blockade against die Hezbollah has contributed to exacerbating the current crisis in Lebanon, the Chargé d’Affairs told the British embassy: “What Lebanon is experiencing today is in primarily a result of long-term factors and practices rather than recent developments. “” The UK has die Hezbollah activities, especially its destabilizing role in the region including in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, sharply criticized. Are these activities really in the national interest of Lebanon? Should Lebanon allow itself to be on the front lines of other people’s conflicts, above all in this regard? “Fragile time?”

He added, “In my opinion it is die Lebanon’s neutrality and commitment to die Politics to distance oneself from regional differences is now more than ever a necessity. ”

You know what to do

To the steps die must be done to die To avoid continuing the collapse, he said: “The political leaders in Lebanon know very well what to do and when Lebanon is ready to take these steps they will die Find hands of friends expanded and open, ready to assist them on this journey. “

In conclusion, he emphasized die Necessity that “changes come from within and not imposed from outside” and said, “I hope that everyone die Have real interests in Lebanon, work together and this will undoubtedly be a tremendous task, promise that when that moment comes, we will be there for Lebanon: “But it should be done soon.”

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