British police: Liverpool suicide bomber prepared 7 months for his attack

British police announced surprising information Wednesday, saying that the man suspected of carrying out Sunday’s bombing of a taxi in Liverpool, northern England, had prepared for the attack “at least” seven months ago.

The counter-terrorism police also added in a statement that the purchases of components for the bomb that killed the bomber, 32-year-old Imad Al-Swailemin, “at least” have occurred since he rented an apartment in April.

In addition, he made it clear that the suspect was born in Iraq and suffered from psychological problems in past.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Priti Patel confirmed that the terrorist took advantage of the crumbling asylum system to stay in the country, stressing that this system needs reform.

4 detainees released

Yesterday, on Tuesday, the police released four men who had been arrested in report to the explosion, which the authorities described as a terrorist episode, after hearing their testimonies, noting that they were reassured by the reports provided.

It is reported that Al-Sweilem, who took a taxi on Sunday from Kirkdale to Liverpool, where the journey took 10 minutes before detonating an explosive device inside theauto.

While the taki driver David Perry, father of two, suffered minor burns and shrapnel on his body, his friends confirmed to media local, as well as damage to the ear. His wife confirmed at the time that he was undoubtedly lucky to be alive.

At the same time, a lot of news spread about the suicidal man, especially since several media British confirmed that he had converted to Christianity and that he had sought asylum several times in recent years, but were turned down.

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