British ‘supermarket’ gives out free vegetables at Christmas

One of Britain’s most famous large supermarkets has launched a unique initiative to combat high costs of living, high prices and help the poor in coinciding with the Christmas period and the end-of-year holidays. The initiative also aims to reduce the food waste that some supermarkets and supermarkets have to deal with in the markets.

And the management of the Azda stores decided to distribute bags of fresh vegetables to consumers and customers for free in some branches in Great Britain, in an effort to reduce food waste in excess that is about to expire and that stores often have to destroy if they are not in able to sell it.

And the Azda chain of stores is one of the largest widespread retail stores in all of Great Britain and is owned by America’s global “Wal-Mart”.

Among the vegetables that some branches distribute free to customers are bags of carrots, cauliflower, potatoes and other vegetables.

The bags carry signs that say: We love food but we don’t like waste, so please help; Because we are also committed to donating food in surplus at Christmas and throughout the year to our local community, to which we hope to serve over a million meals this holiday season.”

This initiative has caused a wave of sympathy, praise and controversy about social network in Great Britain, and soon the name of the shop entered the list of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, while many customers shared images of food available for free distribution in some branches.

“I got free cabbage, carrots and broccoli and made soup for all the elderly neighbors,” one tweeter wrote.

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