Britney Spears Asks People To Leave Negative Comments To Themselves As People Continue To Bully Him On Social Media

Britney Spears puts herself in the holiday spirit and does what she can to live her best life, but she has problems with people who leave hateful and negative comments on her social media platforms. Specifically, Britney shared videos of her dancing, spinning and playing with her pets. The bullies responded so negatively to Britney, she said she didn’t even want to post on Instagram.

Now her fans are trying to remind her to ignore the enemies and continue to be herself.

Britney shared the following message that left her fans worried that the bullying would happen to her and cause her to leave social media.

“Happy friends holiday !!!! I love sharing with all of you… but it was hard to keep wanting to share because people say the nastiest things !!! If you don’t like a message … keep it to yourself and don’t follow that person !!! There is no reason to never do your best to make nasty comments and intimidate people ???????????? Stay happy and nice this holiday season you and God Bless !!!!! “

Britney has gone through a lot in her life and she has spent years battling bullies and those who continually leave harassing comments on her posts. It’s no secret that Britney suffered from emotional health and wellness issues and that the 38-year-old mother of two remains under guardianship.

She has a strong relationship with her boyfriend Sam Asghari and works continuously on her health and well-being. The stress of being bullied online is clearly too great for Britney and her fans hope the bullies will just stop and leave Britney alone.

Britney opens up on her personal life to share songs with her fans and her fans are extremely devoted to her. She has a lot of people who stand up and defend her from the bullies, but everyone agrees that it would be better if those who bully Britney stop and find something else to do instead of attacking her.


What do you think? Should the bullies just stop and leave Britney alone?

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