Brittany Murphy’s stepbrother says he believes she was murdered

This Friday, fans of the late Brittany Murphy and media journalists commemorate the death of the actress who died in 2009. It was the 10th anniversary of Murphy’s tragic overdose. Brittany is perhaps best known for her appearances in films such as Girl Interrupted, 8 Mile and Clueless.

She was declared dead on December 20, 2009, when she was 32 years old, and many have questioned the circumstances of her surprising death.

Coroners have reportedly said drug poisoning and pneumonia were the cause of death, but her half-brother Tony Bertolotti says her husband and screenwriter Simon Monjack may have played a role in his death.

According to Tony, Monjack and Murphy’s mother were present at the house when Murphy died. Bertolotti told Daily Mail reporters that the incident was suspicious because she was a “healthy girl” and died suddenly when her mother and “supposed husband” were there.

Bertolotti went on to say that it is only in Hollywood that people would not think of taking the afflicted person to the hospital, which was only six kilometers away, he said. He added, “I think Brittany was removed,” then asked who killed her because she “had not died from natural causes.”

According to Tony, who is a former saxophonist and composer, his brother-in-law may have contributed to his death in one way or another because he owed a lot of money. Tony went on to say that their death appeared to be business related.

In addition, Bertolotti urged those who are curious to see where the money is going now, because every time one of his films is released, someone receives the check. In addition, Brittany’s father Angelo Bertolotti believed that Brittany may have been murdered. He died later in January of this year.


He added that Mr. Bertolotti was looking for clues such as a “hunting dog”, but he died. Angelo has approached many people close to her, and no one has ever said anything to her, remarked Murphy’s half-brother.

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