Broadcasting division and confusion in Lebanon . Hezbollah’s hellish plan to thwart the elections

bent over Lebanese “Hezbollah” Develop plans with the aim of hindering the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections after experiencing an imminent fear, especially after the economic crises experienced by the Lebanese and the gendarmerie that the country has reached due to their policies and the implementation of Iranian foreign agendas .

A report published by the “Mondavric” website warned that the party had prepared what it described as a dark scenario to hinder the legislative and presidential elections scheduled for next year, blurring the internal scene and sowing division among the Christian political components, and connecting le electoral process for resolving regional files, he said.

The report stressed that “the conduct of the legislative and presidential elections in 2022 is even more uncertain than ever due to the policy of the pro-Iranian” Hezbollah “, which calls for the reform of the Lebanese constitutional charter through a constituent assembly”.

The report goes on to state that “the fate of the two constitutional dates (presidential and legislative) will be, according to a former official, an intertwining between the results of the Vienna negotiations on Iranian nuclear power between the international community and Tehran, and attempts to find a solution to the various crises, starting with Syria, in order to lay the foundations for a large settlement. put an end to regional instability “.

The report stressed that “the election comes in the light of a crisis among Christians due to their competition and recruitment in the politics of the axes, since they no longer have a common vision or a unity of positions, while the Shiites live in a state of political inflation due to the growing domination of the “Hezbollah”, which gives them a certain preponderance in the balance of power, in evoking the so-called “political maronitization” in the period 1920-1975, or the “political year” in the period of postwar period.

The report adds that “the Sunnis, for their part, are today facing a state of frustration and disappointment in terms of political representation, e in particularly the loss of influence of the Future Movement and the political withdrawal of its leader, Saad Hariri, in partly due to the Arab disengagement from Lebanon, accompanied by a shift in the balance of power in favor of Tehran in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

According to the report, “the crisis is global and there is no national project or vision to get out of it, so every society lives alone and tries to find partial solutions, which have a significant impact in the extension and deepening of the crisis. levels, and it is the case of the next legislative elections, in which there is no unified position “. Each of the parties considers the issue in based on their own narrow interests, without thinking for a moment about the common good.

According to the report, “Hezbollah” is working to widen the dispute between President Michel Aoun and the president of the Lebanese forces, Samir Geagea, by exploiting the presidential ambition of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, to destroy the Maarab and re-enter the Christian scene in litigation, while the exit from the national crisis requires Christians to return to their historical role as custodians of the Lebanese entity and of the sovereignty of Lebanon within the formula of coexistence.

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