Broadway actor accused over uprising of the Capitol

Actor James Beeks, in the role of Judas in US touring production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and known by his stage name James Justis, has been charged with participating in the uprising of the Capitol on January 6.

Beeks conspired with other known e unknown enter by force in Capitol on January 6, 2021 and to obstruct the congressional procedure that takes place that day,”Affirm the documents of the Department of Justice.

While no video or photograph of the day showed Beeks’ full face, the investigators were able, using clip posted on that of the actor social media, “to make a comparison based on his ear visible. “


The Broadway actor, originally identified from his Michael Jackson BAD tour outfit that he was wearing on January 6, he was arrested on November 23 in Milwaukee, where the “Jesus Christ Superstar” production was in tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical.

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Federal investigators have listed the steps they are committed to establishing identity of the actor, also through analysis of news footage, Beeks’ social media post and even “observing” the actor playing Down from in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

According to the newspapers, “there is probable cause believe“that Beeks, who also performs as a Michael Jackson impersonator, on 6 January busy “a crime hinder, influence or prevent any official proceed or attempt to do so. “

Beeks appeared before the court in Milwaukee and was released in awaiting further proceedings.

In a statement sent to the Daily Mail the spokesperson of the tour show said the actor was suspended.

The itinerant production of Jesus Christ Superstar has confirmed that James Beeks (aka James T. Justis) is indefinitely suspended from the company in awaiting the outcome of hearing. The production is cooperating fully with authorities during the investigation in course“, reads the press release.

The Capitol Hill Uprising has happened on the day in which US lawmakers stood for confirm Joe Biden’s victory in presidential elections. Donald Trump supporters raided in Capitol building. A police officer and several demonstrators died during the riot.

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