Brotherhood of Mansour Abbas takes part in the birth of the Lapid government in Israel

After this die United Arab List, headed by the Brotherhood’s Mansour Abbas, agreed on Wednesday evening to join a coalition government, die directed against Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid, chairman of the party “There is a future”, announced on Wednesday evening that he had succeeded in forming a new government.

The opposition leader briefed the Israeli president on his success in forming a ruling coalition.

The Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that die new Israeli government will be presented to the Knesset within 12 days, giving Netanyahu 12 days to die Coalition, die overthrew him as prime minister.

The first participation in an Israeli government

He also pointed out that die United Arab List die first be die in a government coalition in Israel participate.

Although die Brotherhood allegations of treason and labor in Raising all directions, it is today a stark example of contradiction, as Israeli media reported that the Shura Council of the South Islamic Movement allowed the leader of the United Arab List, Mansour Abbas, to become the leader of the party “There is a Future “, Yair Lapid, to form an Israeli government.

In the elections last March did die United Arab list won four seats, which could tip the balance in the camp against Netanyahu.

The leaders of the Israeli opposition parties say they are on the verge of approving a new government before midnight, which could end Benjamin Netanyahu’s twelve-year presidency of right-wing governments.

Brotherhood of Mansour Abbas takes part in the birth of the Lapid government in Israel

Mansour Abbas and Netanyahu

Opposition leader Yair Lapid was given a 28-day notice die Expires late Wednesday to form a coalition after Netanyahu failed to do so.

who is die Brotherhood of Mansour Abbas?

The Mansour Abbas Brotherhood resigned three years ago in die Politics one when he went three times for die Israeli parliamentary elections ran. In the past he was an obscure dentist with an Islamic orientation. Today he is a well-known politician and vice-president of the South Islamic Movement Party, die split off from the banned Islamist movement in 1995.

The South Islamic Movement is in Israel known as “Ra’im”.

Was in the March 2020 elections die Southern Islamist Movement Party part of the Joint List, die Won 15 seats in parliament. Separated in January 2021 die South Islamic Movement Off the List (die fell apart) due to “differences”, die occurred between the two parties, and Mansour Abbas ran for die United Arab List.

common list

The “Common List” consisted of a group with different orientations from the Left, Communism and the Brotherhood, die allegedly represented part of the opposition forces, and the voice of the Arabs of the 48, die make up about a fifth of the electorate in Israel and won 6 seats in the Knesset and saw a marked decline.

For the past two years, Israel did not seem to have a clear political orientation. The ruling coalition was a prerequisite for die Government formation, and die Despite several elections in parliament, there was no majority.

In general there is in the Israeli street on several levels a sharp alignment between a fairly uniform traditional right, die is supported by smaller far-right parties and a hybrid political grouping, die consists mainly of the left and the Arabs.

Abbas took advantage of this chaos and the collapse of the blue-white party under the leadership of the retired General Benny Gantz and was able to briefly fight against the Likud in order to appear on the political stage as a not entirely tolerable actor.

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