Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Facing Performance Issues on Consoles, Especially Xbox Series S: Digital Foundry Analysis

Introducing the new remake of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which has recently hit consoles with some performance challenges, particularly on Xbox Series S.

According to a detailed analysis by Digital Foundry, the game’s dynamic resolution can drop lower than expected on all consoles, with none of them hitting their maximum resolution. The Quality mode, which locks the frame rate at 30 frames per second for better visual detail, utilizes dynamic resolution to adjust the resolution in busy scenes to keep the game running smoothly.

In Quality mode, the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions have a dynamic resolution ranging between 1260p and 1620p, falling short of the native 4K resolution they are capable of. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S version ranges between 454p and 720p, sometimes rendering below standard definition but mostly sticking to 720p in Quality mode.

The game also offers a Performance mode to increase frame rate (usually up to 60fps) at the expense of resolution. In this mode, the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions typically render at 1080p, with occasional drops in frame rate except for one dungeon section hitting 60fps.

The Xbox Series S version maintains its resolution range but trends towards the lower end, with lower frame rates compared to other consoles (except in the dungeon section). Despite this, for a smoother gameplay experience, it is recommended to choose Quality mode for higher resolutions as the slower pace of the game makes a drop to 30fps less noticeable.

The original Brothers game was released in 2013, written and directed by Josef Fares in collaboration with Starbreeze. The remake has been rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 for a more immersive story experience, according to publisher 505 Games.

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