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Bruno Fernandes denies having problems with Ronaldo

Berlin: Bruno Fernandez has confirmed he has “no problems” with veteran star Cristiano Ronaldo, his colleague in the Portuguese national team and Manchester United. Ronaldo made fiery statements in a recent interview with the British broadcaster (Tok TV), where he said he felt betrayed by the United management, and spoke about the collapse of his relationship with the Dutchman Eric Ten Hag, the manager of the English team , while criticizing the Glazer family, which owns the club. Video clips showed Fernandez apparently shaking hands with Ronaldo, as he joined the ranks of the Portuguese national team, which is preparing to participate in the World Cup finals in Qatar. Manchester United defender Raphael Varane said Ronaldo’s controversial remarks “clearly influenced” the club. Despite this, Fernandez has revealed that he has no problems with Ronaldo, in one moment in which Portugal were preparing to start their campaign in the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Ghana next Thursday. Fernandez told Sky Sports: “I didn’t follow up on the interview so the situation is fine for me. As I said before, now (the focus) is on the national team, it’s Portugal.” He explained: “You don’t get many chances to play in World Cup. Cristiano has looked really well in the last four editions of the World Cup, and this will be the fifth edition he participates in, so everyone is ready for it, and everyone wants to do their best for the team.” Fernandez added: “This is the moment of the national team. Manchester United will be my main concern after the World Cup.” Fernandez concluded his remarks, saying, “I have no problems with anyone. I will do my duty. You have to control yourself, give your best and that’s it.” (dpa)


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