BTS Get Brutally Honest About Their Fears On Haunting New Single ‘Black Swan’

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When discussing art– a tune, an illustration, a choreography, a movie– we are often so consumed by significance. What does this mean? What is the artist trying to say? Why is this crucial? However art, as we understand, is subjective. You can’t decipher a particular significance from a piece of work any much better than you can check out the cavernous ideas inside your own head. You do understand how something makes you feel And when that feeling leaves, only emptiness stays. Art that does not make you feel at all is an artist’s greatest sin.

In the 7 years given that their launching, the group’s relationship with their music has actually altered. Co-written by leader RM, “Black Swan” is BTS at their most raw and unflinching; narratively, it’s their darkest single since 2018’s “Fake Love,” however whereas that was a surge of anger, “Black Swan” is something much deeper and more painful: the loss of sensation. They’re now terrified that the thing that once made them feel whatever– their music– will make them feel absolutely nothing.

But dancer and singer Jimin’s verse is the most emotionally potent: “No tune impacts me any longer/ Crying a silent cry.” It’s a minute of catharsis– the realization that you’re stressed out by the thing you like the most.

Still, where there is anguish there is likewise hope. And while BTS come face-to-face with their inmost worry, they do not let it entirely immobilize them.

It’s a twisted dance, the one an artist inflicts on themself. Through these minutes of doubt and fatigue, BTS– and every artist– come to a realization: that art does not make you feel, it is the feeling. Development is the purest kind of self-expression and self-preservation. And you can’t lose something you’ve had all along.

No doubt that “Black Swan” is also part of that intimate discussion.

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