BTS’s Be Has A Song For Each Mood


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By Emma Saletta

After being required to hold off the Map of the Soul world journey previously this year due to the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, BTS developed ahead with a fire within, all 7 members coming together to tape and compose brand name-new tunes.

While lots of fans around the world stayed separated to suppress the spread of the infection, and felt the complex, frequently extreme sensations that come with that separation, BTS joined them in livestreamed performances, a virtual Festa, and the guarantee of new tunes.

Ultimately, what comes through is an extensive beacon of hope for the future and, maybe, the sense that BTS needs their fans to work through this challenging time as much as the Army needs them. Below, we break down “Be,” with all its shiny funk and psychological strings, track by track and mood by mood.

  1. ” Life Goes On”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: favorable.

    Key lyric: “Yeah, life goes on/ Like an arrow in the blue sky”

    ” Life Goes On” is a song that advises listeners, no matter what takes place in life, we will discover a technique to make it through it. With appealing beats and a total mellow atmosphere, BTS begins their album with a song that brings us anticipate something much better.

  2. ” Fly to My Space”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: better after a separation.

    Key lyric: “In some cases we learn more about/ Broken is beautiful”

    Ending relationships is simpler for some more than others. “Fly to My Room,” with its triumphant synth-pop flourishes, will help you bear in mind that you should need to enjoy, and the pain of heartbreak will rapidly be non-existent.

  3. ” Blue & Grey”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: susceptible.

    Key lyric: “Oh this ground feels so much heavier/ I am singing by myself”

    ” Blue & Grey” is a fresh spin on a ballad, and the mix of their voices with the acoustic guitar will bring tears to youreyes Jimin and V bare whatever when they let their walls down and cry, “Do not state it’s OK/ ‘Cause it’s not OKAY.” It’s a beneficial message that revealing your sensations honestly and freely is continuously rewarding.

  4. ” Skit”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like you need to be around laughter.

    Secret lyric: “However it’s actually remarkable … Everyone is actually amazing.”

    This is not a song at all however a recording that was made the day BTS found out they hit No. 1 on the Signboard Hot 100 for the first time.

  5. ” Telepathy”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: sentimental.

    Key lyric: “Even though we’re far away now/ Our hearts are still the very same”

    The warm funk of “Telepathy” will return you to the outstanding times you have in fact had.

  6. ” Dis-ease”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: like you need a shock of self-confidence.

    Key lyric: “One for the laugh, 2 for the show/ Just like I’m so fine”

    After listening to the catchy, hip-hop-led “Dis-ease,” you’ll feel all-powerful, a force to be thought about. Attempt streaming prior to a job interview or a first date, and you’ll walk into the space without a care in the world, given that you’re the shit– you’re extraordinary.

  7. ” Stay”

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: liked and energetic.

    Secret lyric: “Wherever you are/ I understand you constantly stay”

    Jin and Jungkook’s system track is a blissed-out dance bop that will have you jamming like no one’s delighting in. The

  8. ” Dynamite”

    are a soft pointer that there’s constantly somebody there you. It’s joyful, and it will continuously have you smiling ear to ear.

    Listen to it when you’re feeling: “‘Cause I-I-I remain in the stars tonight/ So view me bring the fire and set the night alight”

    positive and thrilled.with Secret lyric: hit BTS end their album of the smash “Dynamite” that started whatever. Shifting emotional vibrations and an earworm favorite a refrain, “life is sweet as honey.”

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