Building the largest model of auto of Formula 1 to the world in Jeddah

The Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, the body responsible for organizing and promoting the 2021 Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix, has announced its plan to build the largest model of auto of Formula 1 with Lego pieces in order to collect donations for the Ihsan Charity Platform, an important national platform in Charities in the Kingdom.This model must enter the Guinness Book of Records in favor of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation once its assembly is completed.

The Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation has revealed its intention to launch a charity campaign from record in favor of the Ihsan platform, established in April 2020, as part of the support for charities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various social, educational, nursing, environmental, economic and technical and to welcome Formula 1 to Jeddah. Between 3 and 5 December.

The Red Sea Mall will host the assembly of the model of auto of Formula 1 from Lego pieces, and the assembly process will begin on September 15, taking about a week, to put the foundation stone, His Highness Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Jalawi, Advisor to the Governor of the Mecca region Al-Mukarramah, the governor-designate of Jeddah and His Highness the Royal Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal, chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

The closing stone is placed by His Highness Prince Khaled on the 23rd of the same month, in occasion of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records will participate remotely to certify that the model of a ‘auto Formula 1 built with Lego parts in the Kingdom is the largest in the world.

The Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix offers all citizens the opportunity to contribute to entering the Guinness Book of Records by participating in first person to build the model Assembly of a Formula 1 car model, provided that all these donations go entirely to the Ehsan platform.

It is estimated that building the model will require around 500,000 pieces of Lego, which opens the doors for hundreds of thousands of people to participate in making history by building the largest model of a Formula 1 car, as well as contributing to charities for the Ehsan Platform.

Those wishing to be a part of this global event can visit and register to attend the event, where they will be invited to come to the model construction site to witness in first person to LEGO certified experts who assemble the F1 model of auto, with their names appearing on a digital screen in recognition of their valuable contribution to this historic milestone.

This initiative is taking place to enter the Guinness Book of Records from its wide door, less than 3 months before the first edition of the Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix, and this event reflects the growing interest and enthusiasm in the Kingdom and the region for the arrival of the first category in the world of motorsport in Jeddah in December.

Screens will be allocated on the site to show the percentage of the model assembly process auto, as well as viewing F1 stats, driver interviews and general championship information, to help motivate, educate and urge Saudi citizens to interact more with the arrival of Formula 1 in Jeddah not long after.

The Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, through this constructive charity work, aspires to combine aspirations for a bright and prosperous future for all citizens of the Kingdom, with the sporting, human and cultural values ​​of the Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix, all of which I am in in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Commenting on this historic event, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Federation of Automobiles and Motorcycles, His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Sultan Al Abdullah Al-Faisal, said: “We are proud and pleased to announce our plan to bring together the the largest model of auto Formula 1 Lego never made. “

His Highness continued: “The Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​a record, and the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is supposed to be the fastest and longest street circuit in the world, so we’re happy to beat another record. This beautiful initiative is nothing more than a true reflection of the ingenuity and leadership of our kingdom and our absolute commitment. “” I am very proud to be an active part in building a bright future for the young women and men of our nation. , and I am very excited to see the result of this project from record in collaboration with LEGO. “

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