Bungie Disables Destiny 2: Season of Dawn’s Dynamo Mod

As part of the Season of Dawn patch for Destiny 2, Bungie improved the effectiveness of the Dynamo armor module by removing the restrictions on stacking mods. But it seems the buff was a bit too strong and bungies had to deactivate the mod only three hours after the start of the new season.

Dynamo is an armor mod for items of class Void, meaning that you only need one item of the class Void to use (you have a one in three chance each time you drop a class item). The mod reduces the player’s super-ability cooldown after using a class ability – Titan Barricade, Hunter Dodge and Warlock Rift. Normally, this mod adds some extra super energy for each class, but the Season of Dawn patch added the ability to stack several Dynamo mods together.

The result is an almost instant super hit in a class talent squad (as you can see in the Destiny Streamer Gladd tweet above). The ability to instantly regenerate a Guardian’s most powerful ability can be fun, trivialize some difficult PvE encounters, and make PvP pretty unbearable.

Due to a problem where the Dynamo Mod can regenerate a super with abnormal speed, it has been disabled until a hotfix can be deployed.

– Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) December 10, 2019

To fix the problem, Bungie quickly reduced the effectiveness of the mod through a hotfix. Although players can still equip the Dynamo mod, it currently offers no benefits. Bungie will probably fix this issue before Season of Dawn ends. However, players can not even use a single dynamo mod to regain super energy.

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