Bungie teases the future of the pyramid ships

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep reintroduced the ominous pyramid ships earlier this year. The pyramid ships belong to the darkness, a hostile faction enthroned above everything that happens in Destiny’s story.

In an interview with Tom Farnsworth, chief designer of Bungie, Jonathan To, and Season of Dawn, the developers stated how much we will see this season from Shadowkeep’s evil pyramids.

“The pyramids will be a constant problem for our players,” To said. “We can not talk about the extent of these concerns in the next few seasons, but we are definitely concerned about them.”

It would not matter how much the pyramids are involved in the season or if they even appear. Both Farnsworth and To talked about the team’s desire to weave the year-long story originally created in Shadowkeep into the coming season. On a later question, however, Farnsworth spoke with the other tone the studio was aiming for in Season of Dawn.

“It’s a brighter, more hopeful season,” Farnsworth said. “If you look at Shadowkeep, it’s a dark and horrible psychological horror, and in many ways, the Dawning Season, in the very name, is a reaction to what’s going on there, and when the players do things for our season set in motion, it is a story of death and resurrection, of brothers and tragedies and salvation. “

With the death of Cayde-6 in Forsaken and the imminent darkness in Shadowkeep, it’s easy to feel how the hopeful world of fate passes. This is intentional, but the hopelessness has certainly permeated the story and the feel of the game. Season of Dawn is a short step back from the darkness – in this case both figuratively and literally. Season of Dawn is about bringing a famous hero back to life.

Where the story goes in Season of Dawn, Bungie would not say. Shadowkeep was about realizing that the threat of darkness was near. But with Saint-14 in the back of the guard, they may only have one chance. This is the hope that Bungie wants to give players after a year of loss and darkness in the Destiny world.

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