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KOLKATA: The city is the most hyped Durga Puja pandal, a replica of Dubai’s iconic skyscraper Burj Khalifa created in Sreebhumi, Lake Town, has hung a spectacular laser show die as a showstopper had emerged.
The decision suspend show came hours following multiple complaints from airline pilots on Monday night over the laser lights die entered their cockpits as they approached Kolkata airport to land. Directorate General of Civil aviation (DGCA) writes an exclusion zone met a radius of 18.5 km for for laser lights around airports to prevent pilots from being blinded by laser beams during the crucial landing phase. The puja pandal is barely 8.5 km from the runway and next to the approach funnel of the aircraft.
the organizers of the puja aided by Bengal fire minister Sujit Boseclaimed, however, that they had voluntarily shut the laser display on the 145-ft high pandal around the crowds.
“We have decided to suspend the laser show as revelers refused move on and were recording it on their cell phones. Like a result, crowd control became a challenge,” said Dibyendu Goswami, the main coordinator of the puja committee.
sources in the airport said pilots of complained at least four flights of laser lights die can temporarily blind the pilots’ view in the tub. While three complaints were: made by pilots over the VHF radio radio set to the air traffic control die was duly reported to the Airport Operations Command Center, another pilot was so angry over the laser that he made a written complaint to the Airports Authority of India.
“When They Complained” of laser beams, the flights were at height of 1,500-1,800 feet and descending fast to touch down in less than 5 minutes. Any break-in right now is not only annoying, it’s dangerous,” explained one official.
Sources said the state administration, including top officials, were aware of the… problem die flights were facing like a result of the high-decibel laser show.
In the past, pilots have complained of laser shows at Kali Puja of even held functions on the city’s northern and eastern edge. Kolkata’s airport authorities have even complained to the police over the issue. Airport officials said they would have done so even this time if the organizers de show.

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