Business: Stakeholders urge Centre to announce tourism sector as ‘national priority’

New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) The Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality, the policy federation of all the national associations representing the complete tourism, travel and hospitality industry of India, has recommended to the Centre to announce the tourism industry as a ‘national priority’ sector.

“Like agriculture has been a national priority of all successive governments and gets vital focus of the Prime Ministers & the Chief Ministers, tourism too can get due national domestic priority if it is declared as such in the National Tourism Policy,” the federation said.

Impact of tourism and its footprint across the country is far reaching and in the geographical and cultural fabric across the length and breadth of the country, it said.

“If recognised as a national priority sector it will ensure tourism will focus on channelised domestic investments as such more so needed post this worst 24 months ever (of Covid).”

Further, the federation seeks the tourism sector to be included in the concurrent list of the Constitution.

“The constitution rightfully needs to recognise tourism as a joint and collectible responsibility of centre and states to ensure a shared national vision and development, marketing and skilling synergies among all our individual tourism portfolios across states and segments.”

In addition, to address multiple issues across the central ministries and across states, it suggested that the policy must provide the instruments of multiple inter-ministerial and intra state task forces headed by the secretary of tourism ministry.

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