Buzzy Bees | Minecraft

You may have reached the end of this article and wonder why all the excitement about bees? Well, bees are not only crucial to our ecosystem but are also threatened by a steep decline. That’s why we’ve partnered with WWF to help the star of the show, the mighty and humble bee, by earning money for the WWF’s efforts to protect bees and other important species. There are three ways you can help us support WWF Conservation: Donate during the live stream, buy the cutest items on this side of the Overworld (available Friday!), Or buy the Character Creator Bumblebee. Costume on the Minecraft Marketplace. We donate a percentage (to be exact 62.5%) of this income directly to the WWF! To launch these initiatives on behalf of the beloved bee, Mojang will donate $ 100,000 to the WWF.

We look forward to bringing bees to Minecraft, as well as helping to protect the bees here on Earth, which we all share. Let’s celebrate the bees before they arrive in Minecraft on December 11th and take part in the exciting events we have planned!

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