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by Court Minnesota Court Upholds Clean Car Rule

Minnesota’s Clean Car Rule, which was adopted in 2021 by Governor Tim Walz and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, has been upheld by the state’s court of appeals. The rule requires a greater percentage of vehicles supplied by manufacturers to be electric vehicles and hybrids, and all new vehicles sold by dealers to meet the coastal state’s emission standards. This new regulation is set to take effect with the 2025 model year and is part of the state’s efforts to meet environmental goals. The Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association filed a lawsuit against the pollution control agency last year, arguing that the rule unconstitutionally delegates rule-making authority to California and that the Minnesota agency did not have the power to make statewide regulations. However, the court of appeals rejected the dealers association’s arguments and found that the pollution control agency was acting within its power and that Minnesota is eligible to adopt California rules. Following the court’s decision, the association said it is considering an appeal, as it believes the changes will lead to a supply of EVs that exceeds consumer demand. On the other hand, the state Pollution Control Agency expressed its satisfaction with the ruling, stating that it provides drivers with more options to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles and helps address climate change.

The Clean Car Rule is an important step towards achieving Minnesota’s environmental goals. It is encouraging that the state’s court of appeals has upheld the regulation, recognizing the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s authority to make statewide regulations. It is also important to note that the rule provides drivers with more options to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles, which can help them save money on gas and reduce emissions. However, it is understandable that the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association is concerned about the potential supply of EVs exceeding consumer demand. It is important to create incentives for consumers to purchase electric vehicles, such as tax credits, to ensure that the demand for EVs is met. Additionally, the state should focus on building infrastructure, such as charging stations, to support the adoption of electric vehicles. Overall, the Clean Car Rule is a positive step towards reducing emissions and creating a more sustainable future for Minnesota.


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