By mistake Publishing secret documents confuses the Israeli army

Hundreds of secret documents that were published due to an officer’s mistake on the official website of the Israeli court almost caused a security scandal for a secret intelligence unit affiliated with the Israeli army, because they contain very important information.

These documents are classified as classified and belonging to an Israeli army unit, as they were incorrectly published as part of a legal proceeding between a unit officer and the army, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The newspaper pointed out that the documents were published after an Israeli official marked them as publicly available.

He also added that the Israeli military removed the documents and blocked access to the site web of the government.

How did you get to the Ministry of Justice website?

In detail, a working officer in a highly classified technology unit in the Israeli intelligence branch was taking legal action against the military 3 years ago due to its decision not to extend its service in the military.

A military court is hearing the case behind closed doors, as hundreds of confidential documents were presented in support of his case. to a civil court.

Furthermore, the materials, which are part of the procedures that took place in the Tel Aviv court, were publicly presented to the parties and the court, despite the security establishment’s request to deal with them. in confidential manner due to the threat to state security.

They have been placed in the court file and marked as publicly available, in As a result, anyone with permission to access the court’s website can view all sensitive material from hundreds of documents.

Israeli tank (iStock)
Israeli tank (iStock)

secret details

The leaked information included details about the structure of the secret unit, how it operates and the major projects it has managed in recent years, as well as names, addresses and, in some cases, telephone numbers of officers and employees of the civilian army. serve in sensitive sites.

In addition, the materials contain information on communications between the intelligence unit and other IDF special units carrying out complex operations across Israeli borders with the help of the intelligence unit.

Israeli soldiers on the border with Gaza - Afp
Israeli soldiers on the border with Gaza – Afp

It is not the first time

When the Haaretz newspaper alerted the military to the leak and discovered the details that had been published, security officials were surprised at the amount of material and said the information exposed could harm state security.

Interestingly, this incident is not the first in to which the Israeli military mistakenly publishes sensitive security information.

Last March, the Israeli military incorrectly disclosed the locations of its secret bases by publishing a map of the locations of the test of the coronavirus, which included the positions of the army bases.

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