by Samsung new folding arrive a Unpacked on 11 August

by Samsung new folding arrive a Unpacked on 11 August

Samsung will do it show off his new leaflets during his next Unpacked event.

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Samsung is ready for update its foldable devices. The company on On Tuesday he said he will host a virtual Unpacked event on August 11, where it is scheduled show off Less expensive leaflets aiming at move devices beyond niche products.

The company sent invites to reporters, saying it is virtual keynote will take place at 7:00 PT on 11 August. As you leave of the world they are reopening in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, tech companies are not yet launching products in person. The invitation advertised: “Prepare to Unveil”.

by Samsung next Unpacked event it will be August 11th


While Samsung has not yet detailed what it will announce to Unpacked, it has already opened up his Book now system for Galaxy fans claim a device in to progress. Customers who book in advance are eligible for advantages such as the increase trade-in credit and 12 months of Samsung Care Plus at a discounted price rate.

The event on August 11 is Samsung’s third Unpacked of the year, and a trend is expected to continue set from previous launches – creating devices more cheap for consumers. In January, the company unveiled its flagship Galaxy S21 smartphone, who sold for $ 200 in less than its predecessor. Then in March, is highlighted its budget Galaxy A line of smartphone.

TM Roh, the company head of mobile, She said in a December blog post that Samsung has planned to expand its foldable lineup is make devices “more accessible,” which probably means more cheap.

“Z Fold 2 has been praised as a smartphone that reinvents what is possible with mobile technology, and I’m thrilled to say it is just a suggestion of what will happen as we continue to explore, evolve and expand this category change space”Roh wrote at the time.

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Next batch of Samsung foldable phones taken in round in leak


Samsung’s biggest push with making devices more convenient reflects reality we are all living in. THE design some phones don’t change much since year for year, and consumers are clinging to devices for longer, about three years in the United States against two in the past. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt millions of people financially. While the high-end specs and cutting-edge features are cute for attention and buzz, people they still care about what they are spending on phones, above all in this moment.

Samsung in typically uses his August Unpacked event for show off its brand new Galaxy Note devices. The Note line, which has kicked off the mania for big screen phones, used to show Samsungs latest it is bigger technology. But that title now goes to the company’s leaflets lineup. The devices, which first hit the market in 2019 with the $ 1,980 Galaxy Fold, incorporates display folding that allow them to expand in tablet or fold smaller to protect the internal screen. While Samsung probably won’t introduce a new Note this year, the the company said the line is not dead.

Samsung followed up the fold with his Z Flip in February 2020. That device, which retailed for $ 1,380, it was a clamshell design that bent outward – sort of of tall-tech clamshell cell phone. Samsung updated is with 5G connectivity and enhanced the price at $ 1,450 in July of that year. by Samsung latest device, the fold to Z 2, fixed the original fold problems and packed in bigger screens and 5G connectivity. With a price tag of $ 2,000, it became the largest in the company expensive Phone.

by Samsung first Galaxy Fold, which folded out of a phone in a tablet, he thrilled the most people who previous versions tested of the device. But the leaflets were too expensive for attract traditional buyers, e so far they have remained niche products.

This year, Samsung is expected to introduce a new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and an updated Z Flip 3. The former device expected feature a front-facing camera nestled under the screen, refined retro-facing cameras e support for a special version of the S Pen, which has progressively moved beyond the note for work with other devices. The Z Flip 3 may have a new two-tone color scheme and a larger external screen for when the phone is folded shut.

Long with foldable, Samsung Unpacked should include a Samsung new Galaxy S21 FE 5G phone, adding a second device at least expensive FE lineup. The Galaxy S20 FE, which hit the market in September for $ 300 in less than the S20, it proved popular with buyers. A Samsung executive told CNET in March that the company planned to introduce future versions of the device.

Samsung also will likely unveil the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Buds 2 smartwatches wireless earphones.

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