CA will not apply for an exemption from the travel ban, but will work to get his IPL players back home

The IPL has been suspended indefinitely on Reported Tuesday due to multiple cases within its bio-bubble, CA and the Australian Cricketers’ Association, in a joint statement said they would work out a plan too ensure die safe return of the Australian players and support Employee.

“Respect CA and ACA die decision of die Australian government too pause Travel from India by at least May 15 and you will not apply for any exemptions, “it says in the joint declaration.

“CA is in direct contact with die BCCI like them work by plans to ensure die safe housing and repatriation of Australian players, Trainer, match Officials and commentators back home to Australia.”

IPL chairman Brijesh Patel told PTI that die BCCI “will find one way”around die to send league foreign recruits back to their respective countries, and CA thanked the Indian Board for their efforts and cooperation.

“CA and the ACA understand that decision of die BCCI will die Indian Premier League postponed indefinitely in 2021 for the safety and wellbeing of all participants. CA and ACA thank the BCCI for their efforts and cooperation for die safe repatriation of all participants at the IPL. “

Australia has shut its limits and does not allow commercial flights from India because of the massive COVID-19 surge there.

India is currently recording over 3 lakh falls every day and more than 3,000 daily deaths. A five-threat year jail term or strong and good, the Australian government temporarily its citizens from entry in locked the country if they happened to be in India within 14 days of their intended arrival.

Up to 14 Australians players competed in the IPL. next to the players, something support Employees, including the likes of Ricky Ponting, match referee like Paul Reiffel and some commentators were there also part of the IPL. Three Australians players left the IPL before the travel ban force.

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