CAF Champions League: Raja and ES Setif guarantee the qualification and Al-Ahly raises his chances

Nicosia: Moroccan Raja took the ticket for the quarter-finals of the African Football Champions League from the South African city of Durban, and Algerian ES Setif followed suit, but from the capital Algiers, while Al-Ahly of Egypt , the sample in charged, he strengthened his hopes by leaving the fifth round of the group stage. In the second round, Raja defeated his host Amazulu 2-0, bringing his score to 12 points in head, overtaking his rivals, the Algerian ES Setif, who raised the score to 9 points, and Amazulu third with six points, as the Algerian team excels in head-to-head matches, and Houria the Guinean fourth with three points. Wydad of Morocco and Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa had qualified from the previous round for the quarter-finals. The Moroccan team presented a good performance under the supervision of the new manager, Rachid Taousi, who relied on captain Mohsen Metwally, the Congolese democrat Fabrice Ngoma and Hamid Haddad in offensive line. The pressure from the guests translates in a quick pass by Hamid Haddad with a lob, taking advantage of the advancement of the Amazulu goalkeeper Fili Mutua, after an elaborate pass by Mohsen Metwally (7). The goal created confusion for the hosts, while the Moroccan team organized its spread, preventing the Amazulu players from moving freely, and Mohamed Nahiri almost consolidated the result with a long-range shot that the goalkeeper saved. in corner (34). Amazolo tried to remedy the situation in the second half, but the Moroccan team’s chances became more dangerous and Elias Al-Haddad managed to exalt the superiority of the “Green Eagle” with a powerful shot from inside.area penalty after an illustrious team game and a header from Jamal Harkas (77). -Algerian Remontada- In the Algerian capital, ES Setif overturned the 1-2 delay ahead of their host Houria by winning 3-2 and securing the qualification alongside Raja for the quarter-finals. Contrary to the events that saw the control of the owners of the land, the Guineans opened the scoring with Seyi Bafor with a missile shot that hit the goal of the goalkeeper Sofiane Khedira, after a pass by Yachoba Bari (24). The guests tried to take advantage of the hosts’ defeat and Khedira saved a powerful shot from Fodi Camara (32). The Algerians found their balance in the second half and managed to equalize with Akram Djehnit with a powerful shot from inside theareaon corner by Houari Farhani (48). The Guineans again shocked the hosts by advancing again with Morlaye Sylla on a pass from Khadim Diao (59). Houria followed the game with ten players from 80 minutes after Sila’s second warning, the Algerians taking advantage of their numerical superiority and overturning the result, where Riad Benayad equalized with a powerful shot from a cross from substitute Ibrahim Farhi (87 ). ES Setif continued his control, hoping to snatch the victory, obtained when Djahnit took a free kick and passed it to Benayad, who fired a missile behind goalkeeper Moussa Camara (90 +3). Al-Ahly strengthened his hopes Al-Ahly, the champion in charged, raised his chances after regaining his balance by beating his Sudanese host, Al-Merreikh, 3-1 at Cairo’s Al-Salam Stadium in prime group competitions. The Century Club had suffered two consecutive defeats back and forth to the Sundowns, 0-1. Al-Ahly maintained his chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals, having brought his score to 7 points, temporarily only in the group, three points behind leaders Sundowns, who will visit Sudanese third-party Al Hilal on Saturday with four points at the stadium. Omdurman’s “Zarqa Jewel”. Mars is the last of the group standings with four points. Al-Ahly players have tried to absorb the outburst of the host team, which takes the Al-Salam Stadium as the ground for their games, which is the stadium of the club by Al-Ahly. The two teams exchanged control and possession in middle of the field, with a fondness for Al-Ahly players, and South African Percy Tau managed to bring in advantage the Egyptian team, taking advantage of a defensive error by Al-Marriikh players in Dispersing the ball at the edge ofarea from the penalty spot, he throws it directly into the goalkeeper Munjid Al-Nil. Nile was the protagonist in stopping the shot of the Tunisian Ali Maaloul after a counterattack (27). Al-Ahly took the lead early in the second half and put pressure on Marikh’s goal, where Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” hit a powerful ball that was dominated by the Nile (50). Al-Merreikh’s players responded with a raid by Nigerian Tony Adjomarigui, who crossed a cross in area de rigueur, shot by Ramadan Ajab uncensored. Al-Marrikh equalized after Al-Ahly’s defense failed to disperse the ball in front of their goal, then reached Noah Al-Jazouli, who hit him. Al-Ahly players stood up and involved South African manager Pitso Musimani Ahmed Abdel Qader in place of Hussein Al-Shahat to activate the attack. Mohamed Sharif managed to report in advantage the champion in charge, taking advantage of Maaloul’s cross, which he shot to the left of the Nile (72). Substitute Abdel Qader confirmed Al-Ahly’s progress, taking advantage of Salah El-Din Nimr’s passing error, penetrated Marikh’s defense and shot to the right of the keeper (73). The last minutes saw clashes and fights between the players of the two teams due to the harshness, decided by the referee of the match issuing the yellow card to Abdelkader and Ammar Tayfour. (AFP)