California Governor Newsom mysteriously disappears from public life after vaccination

Governor Gavin Newsom was not seen in over two weeks, leading enemies and fans similarly they question his health, their imaginations run wild due to the fact that he received a Covid-19 booster shot against him last public appearance.

The governor of California was last seen receiving a booster shot of Moderna on live television, something that many politicians have done in to build trust in the controversial shots. However, he hasn’t been seen publicly since receiving that jab on October 27, his absence feeds rumors about where he is and about his health.

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For the climate-defending governor to miss COP26, Cannes of climate change, in particular has reported something very much wrong at Newsom’s critics and supporters. While a press release of his office two days after his ‘disappearance’ quoted “family obligations” Like his reason for staying in the United States during the Glasgow festivities, is also he claimed he would participate in remote conferencing. Rather than telephone in to the event, however, Newsom eventually sent his lieutenant governor, Eleni Kounalakis, in its place.

Newsom’s personal account tweeted a warning That “Cases of COVID are starting to rise” on On Tuesday, demanding citizens get their booster shots. However, like a post last week that celebrates the approval of the health authorities of the Pfizer vaccine for young children, the tweet did little to pour cold water on the feverish speculation as to where the governor had gone.

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The failed ax of The governor of California is a win for the most successful experiment in Socio-political brainwashing ever

While different big names tweeted hints that Newsom was posed up with a bad reaction to the vaccine, most have since deleted their tweets for unknown reasons. Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA as a drug, posted “heartfelt condolences”To the politician after hearing that he suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare but devastating disease side effect associate with some vaccines that often leave the patient partially or completely paralyzed.

by Malone comment had been canceled since Tuesday morning, as well as a post by journalist Jordan Schachtel, who claimed to have spoken with a “Silicon Valley Entrepreneur” who was 90% sure that Newsom had been hit with Bell’s palsy – a partial facial paralysis – after taking the booster shot. Despite the alleged certainty of the source, which post was also removed.

The voices seemed to come from a post on vaccine safety advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s blog The Defender, in which a “source close to California Governor Gavin Newsom“Told the store that the governor was experiencing a”adverse reaction”To the coup of Moderna he received on 27 October the last day in which was seen in public.

Kennedy wrote that “pray for Newsom’s family”But he slammed the politician for presumably “to conceal[ing] his injuries during the implementation of aggressive policies for force the children and working people of California to bear similar risks.

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adding more fuel for the fire, Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, posted and then I deleted a tweet on Sunday demanding those who speculate on her husband’s health “stop hating and get a life“, insisting it was completely normal for the governor to “delete something“because”in the office work “or stay” a home with their family. ” His tweet was also deleted shortly after publication.

The governor of California was one of the fiercest defenders of send vaccines and masks in the United States, announcing the day of the approval of the Pfizer shot by the Centers for Disease control for children between the ages of five and 11 that the jab would have been mandatory to attend school. He has also state one of the loudest voices calling for a green restyling for the state.

Like of On Tuesday afternoon, the missing governor is expected to speak at the California Economy Summit via live video stream. The governor office announced that far from being MIA, Newsom had simply spent the last work week with personal on “urgent problems” like the budget, economic recovery, and the massive launch of the Covid-19 vaccine for children has planned.

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