Gaming Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare season 2 trailer teases...

Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare season 2 trailer teases battle royale mode


Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare season 2 began on Feb. 11, starting a brand-new season of material for thegame While the upcoming maps and operators might be interesting, they’re absolutely nothing compared to the tips that Infinity Ward has actually dropped that a battle royale mode might be on the method to the game.

Speculation about the new mode began soon after the season started when Call of Responsibility YouTuber PrestigeIsKey tweeted about an altered to the Modern Warfare menu. While there utilized to be 4 alternatives on the menu, there was now a brand-new choice that just check out “Classified.”

While this does not indicate much by itself, speculation increase when players saw the season 2 in-game cinematictrailer The trailer opens on a group of 3 soldiers roaming through a big structure. Out of no place, one is shot, a short firefight takes place, and the staying team members get their enemy. One points out something about a gas closing in, and the 2 take their leave. After that, a rope appears from the roofing system and Ghost, a brand-new operator added to the game for season 2, fends off down.

Ghost notifies Rate that something is incorrect and the cam draws back to expose a huge map. The map has lots of various areas, with firefights taking place all over. An airplane flies past the cam, and 4 soldiers jump out and parachute down to the enormous map. In the background, a huge wall of green gas gradually appears to be trespassing on the map.

With all that in the trailer, it’s no surprise players believe battle royale may be concerning ModernWarfare In between the map itself, the closing wall of gas, and the renowned images of players leaping out of an aircraft, it definitely appearspossible These aren’t the only proof Call of Responsibility players have. Back in December 2019, a random bug in Modern Warfare appeared to expose a huge battle royale- design map that bears more than a passing similarity to the map we see in this brand-newtrailer


Sadly for fans, there’s been no official word on what all these shenanigans may indicate. Obviously, 2018’s Call of Responsibility: Black Ops 4 had a battle royale mode, so the concept isn’t absolutely alien to the series, however we’ll likely need to wait a minimum of a couple of more days prior to we understand for sure if Modern Warfare is signing up with the battle royale fray.

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