Camel Festival: two heats and 10 winners in the two categories of the coasts and Qadan Al Majaheem

SPA – Al Sayahid

Released Dec 03, 2021 11:45 PM KSA

The third day of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, in its sixth edition, saw the presentation of 21 individual competitors in two rounds of the categories Daq Al-Sawahel and Qadan Al Majaheem (Haq, Loqi, Trunk) with 5 places for each heat. Faris Bahar Al-Lihyani won first place in the coastal drilling category, followed by Saud bin Saad Al-Harthy, third by Ghazai Bahar Al-Lihyani, fourth by Saud bin Saad Al-Harthy and fifth by Faris bin Bahar Al-Lihyani .
While he won first place in the Qadan Al Majaheem category, Hamyan bin Mohsen Al-Dosari, second, Bali bin Shuja Al-Dosari, third Hamad bin Ali Al-Marri and Hamad bin Awadah Al-Marri in fourth, followed by Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Marri from the state of Qatar in fifth place.
The Tampering Commission, on the other hand, announced that it monitored a case of tampering with the injection of the head, groin and sides of the nose, while no case was detected in the coastal category.

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