Camila Cabello Debuts Short Bob Hairstyle And Fans Are Freaking Out– See The Look

Camila Cabello sent out shockwaves through social media when she shared a brand-new image on her official Instagram account with her 47.2 millionfollowers The image shocked fans as Camila no longer shows her waist-long curly locks however rather is sporting a short chin-length bob with bangs. The hairstyle is similar to the 20 s and she used a gold barrette that was embellished with gems and pearls. The image was for her upcoming music video and it appears more most likely that she is using a wig instead of in fact cut her hair– however without real verification that her hair stays undamaged, numerous fans are going crazy.

Camila shared a caption together with the image where she went over the factor behind her long break from Instagram. She discussed that often she just requires to take some time to herself. You might see the image of Camila with the bob hairstyle and the caption she shared below.

hey there!!!! normally when I take these breaks from social media, it’s cause I need some space or time far from it– I believe it’s healthy to understand when you need time on your own- that’s been my greatest thing I have actually dealt with this year up until now is to listen to my instinct and what my mind and body need!!!! When I feel overstimulated or overloaded I’m like . okay I need to offer myself a little space to decrease. I miss out on and enjoy you men!!!! I’m in London right now working on Cinderella and I’m having the time of my life TBH here’s an image behind the scenes of a music video that’s coming out really really soon . how are you men doing?! How’s life!! How are your hearts! I’ll check out a few of the remarks and reply

This isn’t the first time that Camila has actually surprised fans with a short hairstyle. In January she posted an image with a sepia tint where she used a platinum bob wig with pearls. The hairstyle was longer than her most recent image and didn’t function bangs. You might see that image below.

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Do you believe Camila should cut her hair or keep it long?

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