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Campaign against “Islamic symbols” in French schools

The platforms of social media in France witnessed extensive interaction against the calls of former far-right presidential candidate, Eric Zemmour, to demonstrate in Paris, refusing and protesting against what he sees as the spread of Islamic symbols in French schools.

Far-right Zamour launched the hashtag # ReconquêteDeNosÉcoles (# ReconquêteDeNosÉcoles) during its campaign online. On the communication platforms between supporters and opponents of Zemmour’s appeals, the opinions and positions of the French have varied: activists and bloggers have considered that the far right incites hatred, defining his behavior as “stupid”. Others have supported and supported his position.

“How stupid to arouse hatred,” tweeter Philip Guigner said on his Twitter account, while tweeter, “Linda”, described the scenes circulating from the grandstand as a “gathering of fascists”. Dozens of Zemmour supporters gathered on Saturday afternoon inarea of the Fifth Assembly in Paris, in following the appeals he had made on the platforms of the social media to “address” the spread of Islamic religious symbols in schools. And the far-right candidate posted – through his Twitter account – the photos of the stand and commented on them, saying: “The French are gathering to oppose the spread of symbols of the Islamic religion in schools, join us in Paris” .

The party of Zemmour broadcast on Twitter the videos of the event, in which the participants raised French flags. Right-wing writer Eric Zemmour has always sparked controversy with his fanatical and racist views against immigrants and in especially Muslims.


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