Can AI-Powered Writing Tools Change User Thoughts and Opinions? A Study by Cornell University Reveals Surprising Results.

Can AI-Powered Writing Tools Change User Thoughts and Opinions?

User thoughts

Generative AI tools that are used to create and edit long texts have become widespread in recent times, obviously the style of these tools is very different from the user’s style, but they help speed up the writing process and thus increase productivity.

But there is a group of researchers who asked a question, can AI-powered writing tools change the user’s thoughts and opinions?

Automatic effect

A new studio conducted by researchers at Cornell University found that AI-powered writing tools that automatically complete sentences or provide intelligent responses can strongly influence users’ thoughts.

To understand how people interact with AI-powered writing tools, Jakesh developed a large language model to have a positive or negative opinion about social media created a platform that simulated a site web Of social media and then asked participants to write a paragraph in which they express their views on social media whether they were positive or negative.

The researchers found that people who used an AI-based writing assistant and the assistant were biased for or against the social media were twice as likely to write a consistent paragraph with the AI, and most of them said they had the same opinion, which was very different from the people who wrote their opinions, without the help of the artificial intelligence.

Change of scenery

The researchers stated that it studio indicates that biases in writing tools that rely on artificial intelligence, whether intentional or not, can have cultural and political repercussions, because they manipulate the thoughts and opinions of users, which will have a broad impact on individuals and societies.

Researchers and specialists fear that artificial intelligence will change the cultural and political landscape, just like i social media they have changed the political landscape by facilitating the spread of disinformation. AI-powered writing tools can produce similar shifts in opinion, depending on which tools users choose.

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