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“Can ChatGPT Remain Neutral in the Biden vs. Trump Debate?”

From November 30 last year until today, there has been talk of a new application of artificial intelligence that could replace the world-famous search engine, Google, from the lead.

The GPT Chat application has achieved a very high traffic, which has created a situation of fierce competition with Google in the recent period.

However, despite this confidence won by the latest application, there are those who accuse it of partisanship.

Between Biden and Trump… it is in the credibility of the candidacy is at stake

Some critics have seen that the application’s engineers are biased against the Democratic Party in America due to ChatGPT’s response to a request to write a poem about current US President Joe Biden’s positive qualities, versus the same request from former President Donald Trump.

And during the trial, the application actually wrote a poem about Biden praising his achievements, while addressing words in largely negative to Trump, Al Arabiya has uncovered.net.

However, some specialists have seen that the application’s reaction was due to the fact that the chatbot used is nothing more than a program for computer based on algorithms and is powered by a huge amount of data it gets from the internet.

So when asked about Trump, the application got its information from what is being disseminated through websites in general, which gave him that negative idea, especially since many reports criticized the former president after his supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in protest.

fierce competition

Interestingly, the chat application “ChatGPT” was developed by the American company “Open AI” and responds to users’ questions and requests.

And also in able to solve complex mathematical problems and write programming code.

Enter in fierce competition with the celebrated search engine Google, which closed 2022 as a site web most visited in the world.

Just 5 days after its release, the new application reached one million users.

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