Can children get COVID ‘for a long time’ after infections met the coronavirus?

Can children get “long” COVID“after infections met the coronavirus?

Yes, but studies show that they are less than adults last having symptoms die persist, return of begin one month of more after infection.

Estimates vary on how often the symptoms die be known as long COVID-19 occur in children. A recently published UK study found about 4% of young children and teens had symptoms more than one month after infection. Fatigue, headache and loss of smell was among the most common complaints and most had disappeared after two months.

Children can get “prolonged COVID”, but they are less likely to have persistent symptoms than adults.
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Cough, chest pain and brain fog are among other long-term symptoms sometimes found in children, and can occur even after mild infections of no first symptoms.

Some studies have found higher prices of persistent symptoms then in the British study, but it is believed that children are affected less often than adults. About 30% of adult COVID-19 patients develop long-term symptoms, according to some estimates.

Experts don’t sure what causes the long-term symptoms. In some cases, it may reflect organ damage caused by the first infection. Or it can be a result of the virus and the inflammation continue in the body.

Children can discover other rare problems after a first coronavirus infection, including heart inflammation of a condition die known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome. That includes fever and inflammation die various body parts, among others possible symptoms. Affected children in in general need in hospitalized, but most recover. A similar condition can occur in adults.


The rapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant is worrying some doctors over the potential for higher numbers of children to be with risk for long COVID-19 and these other conditions.

Because of the potential for long-term consequences, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends follow-up doctor visits after children recovering from a first coronavirus infection.

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