Canada’s casinos . one of Hezbollah’s ways of laundering money

The Canadian federal government has set up a commission to investigate money laundering by gambling in Vancouver casinos and drug trafficking, involving a network of the Iranian regime and Hezbollah militias.

The commission has provided Al-Arabiya with part of an investigation conducted last March, in which an officer revealed Iran’s and Hezbollah’s involvement in the money laundering operation.

“We have seen that their ongoing rapprochement with Chinese networks” is active in illegal acts in Canada, said Kelvin Chrosti, a former RCN officer, referring to “phone calls” between the two sides.

“If we look at the calls we have followed and the recordings, we will see that some of the calls come from someone who is officially known to be closely linked to the Iran-linked Hezbollah group and one of its agents, and we will see that gangs of Chinese descent and their networks receive security from Iranian networks.”

“I’ve seen these criminal groups develop and, more importantly, they work together, and there’s a convergence of these networks.”

“The investigation into these cases is serious and complex, but the Canadian authorities are trying to address them, which is complicated in dealing with Iran and its networks,” said former Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

Canada has been on the terror list since 2002.

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