Canadian Polls: Jagmeet Singh-led NDP May again play kingmaker: The Tribune India

Sukhmeet Bhasin

Tribune News Service

Bathinda, September 11

The New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Punjab-born Canadian Jagmeet Singh, again prove to be a “kingmaker” in the country’s federal elections scheduled for Sept. 20

as the latest trends point to a neck and neck fight between liberals and conservatives, the party with small but crucial number of chairs would be important if both main parties fail to get a majority. In 2019 Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won 157 seats, 13 short of majority in the 338 House of Commons and Conservative got 121 seats. The NDP had won 24 seats. Trudeau was a minority government with the support of NDP.

To repeat of 2019?

  • Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party Was A Minority In 2019 government with the support of NDP
  • liberals had won 157 seats, 13 short of majority in the 338 House of Commons and Conservatives won 121 seats. The NDP had won 24 seats

Striving to convert his minority government in majority and full of confidence of to get support for to be work during the Covid-19 pandemic, Trudeau called quick polls midterm, but as polls and trends are to be believed, the opposition is: catching up with liberals over the high” cost” of housing.

Conservative party leader Erin O’Toole gets support of young voters, while the NDP good base in two densely populated areas of British Columbia and Ontario and gets good support from Indian and Asian communities. According to opinion polls, the NDP is expected to increase its seats this time from the previous count of 24.

The Indian Diaspora in Canada is highly sought after as a support basis, as it is mostly professionals met are high-income and highly educated. Like a group, the people of Indian descent, especially the Sikh diaspora, are a powerful group and prominent voice in domestic politics space.

As many as 47 Punjabi NRIs are in the fight this time. The main issues die put forward by the Punjabi NRAs are direct no-fly from India, racism and high housing cost. A political expert claims many Indo-Canadians are stranded in India because of the ban on direct flights cannot cast vote and get robbed of their rights.

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