Canadian Union Unifor Begins Contract Talks with Detroit 3 Automakers amid EV Transition

Canadian Union Unifor Begins Contract Talks with Detroit 3 Automakers


Ford Motor Co. of Canada aims to navigate the transition to electric vehicles while recognizing the hard work of its staff. Balancing these goals will be a challenge for both the company and the union as contract talks progress. Unifor represents almost 5,700 workers at Ford operations in Canada, and the company has pledged to invest $1.8 billion in retooling its Oakville assembly plant to build EVs.

General Motors

General Motors (GM) Canada has significantly expanded its Canadian footprint with the reopening of its Oshawa Assembly Plant, the establishment of Canada’s first large-scale EV plant, and the entry into battery material production. These big-ticket investments are expected to change the bargaining dynamics between GM and Unifor. GM Canada employs around 4,300 Unifor members, and the company is looking to pursue an agreement that keeps it competitive while rewarding its employees.


Unifor President Lana Payne toured Stellantis’ Brampton Assembly Plant alongside the company’s COO for North America and participated in a battery plant deal. Bargaining will test the relationship between Stellantis and the union, but both parties are excited to reach an agreement. Stellantis is willing to engage on union priorities such as higher wages, and the recent deal with the Canadian and Ontario governments secures the company’s presence in the country for the long term.

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