Cancellation of Corona Testing Requirement for Chinese Visitors in South Korea

South Korea joins countries in lifting coronavirus restrictions placed on travelers from China, as infection rate drops in China.Today, Wednesday, the South Korean government decided to cancel the exam post-Corona entry (PCR) for travelers from China, however, travelers from China still need to undergo a test COVID-19 before entering.

And the South Korean authorities had revealed in earlier that the quarantine measures for arrivals from China would be further eased, in amid a decline in the rate of coronavirus infections among arrivals from that country, according to South Korean broadcasting network, KBS World. .

After the abolition of the policy zero Covid, China has stopped i test extended and prolonged lockdown and quarantine measures, and authorities worked to reclassify COVID-19 in a class B infectious disease, which allowed the authorities to relax surveillance measures.

The World Health Organization has considered the restrictions imposed by some countries in response to the outbreak of corona infections in China were “understandable” due to lack of information.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of the organization, urged China to be more transparent about the epidemic situation in the country.