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“Cancer Warrior” is the federal son of Al-Ghamdi, by the mercy of God


May God have mercy on the child Abdullah Sultan Al-Ghamdi, who was known as the “cancer fighter” and was famous for his union with his participation in the Al-Ittihad Club in training and matches and to take pictures with the stars of the team. a student of the Amer Bin Fuhaira elementary school in Jeddah. My fellow faculty members and I were shocked by the news of his death and his father informed me of this. He is one of the best students in literature, manners, behavior and knowledge. He was known for his continuous initiatives and his sweet spirit. He surprised his colleagues with gifts and prizes. He also made valuable contributions to the school radio “Attendance Days” and offered morning supplications. And he has many advantages and a high morale with which he overcame his illness. We ask God to bless him with his mercy and forgiveness, live in his vast gardens and give us all patience in his separation ”.

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