Caprice’s Offer of ‘Nude Pictures’ to Putin Could Bring an End to Russia’s War With Ukraine

Caprice Bourret, a 51-year-old model, recently posed naked with a Stop The War slogan to raise awareness of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. She spoke to Richard Eden for the MailOnline about the conflict, saying she would be willing to send Vladimir Putin nude pictures if it would help end the war. Bourret was also worried about the potential of Putin’s replacement being even worse. There have been reports of Putin using a body double.

The Russo-Ukrainian War has been ongoing since February 2014, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Bourret took to social media to express her outrage, posting photos of her nude back with the words “F U WAR” written across it. In her post, she discussed the power of social media and freedom of speech, and called for an end to the conflict. She also shared heartbreaking images of the war and implored people to keep talking and praying for peace.