Captain Marvel has just fought a new comic against her own Carnage cat

Already in July, when the seeds were sown by Marvel’s Absolute Carnage Event, Captain Marvel’s (not a) cat had a fateful encounter with some carnage-ized rats. We have never seen the result of this encounter . until now.

This week, Carol Danvers returned from a space mission to find out that Carnage had owned her space kitacle monster. At least it did not eat the cat carer?

What else happens on the pages of our favorite comics? I will tell you. Welcome to Polygon’s weekly list of books our comic editor has liked over the last seven days. It is part of the social pages of superhero life, part of the reading recommendations, part of the “Look At This Cool Art” article. Here we go!

Absolute slaughter: Captain Marvel # 1

Emily Ryan Lerner and Andrea Broccardo / Marvel Comics

Will Carol Danvers be swallowed by her own cat and fight Carnage in his extra-dimensional stomach? Yes.

superman‘S Pal, Jimmy Olsen # 5

Matt Group, Steve Lieber / DC Comics

After last month’s YouTube stunt, Jimmy Olsen and Batman got into a fierce string war, and SBPJO # 5 made me laugh at least three times.

Select H for Hero # 9

Sam Humphries, Joe Chinones / DC Comics

Dial H for Hero is a fantastically cool comic, and now it’s even clear that main character Miguel is a shy, funny trainee? In a Chris Ware tribute (not pictured)? Love it.

Marauder # 2

Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli / Marvel Comics

Kitty Pryde does some things, but you know what: she deserves to be a messy slut for a while.

Absolute Slaughter # 5

Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman / Marvel Comics

Absolute Carnage ended anti-climatically when Eddie woke the dark god Knull himself, Knull burst out of his space prison a million light-years away and then . the story ended. Knull is coming.

But the good news is that Dylan has finally found out that he is Eddie’s child.

Spider Verse # 2

Ryan North, Pere Pérez / Marvel Comics

If you miss Squirrel Girl, I can recommend the second episode of Spider verses, which is about Spider-Ma’am. That is, Aunt May from the universe where she was bitten by the spider, and Ben and Peter are both alive and everything is much happier. The author of Squirrel Girl, Ryan North, compiles a basically self-contained story with many of the same anti-syndrome themes.

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