Captain Marvel’s Upcoming Run Introduces an Exciting New Costume

Captain Marvel’s New Costume Revealed for Upcoming Run

Captain Marvel is receiving a new costume along with her new run that will be released on October 25.

As Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel run ends, Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua’s begins. This new series will mark a turning point for Carol Danvers. Her whole world is about to change. She’ll have a new status quo, a terrifying villain, and a new sidekick.

Captain Marvel's new costume from Jan Bazaldua.

As excited as fans are about Captain Marvel’s upcoming adventures the creators of the new run are just as thrilled. Writer Alyssa Wong states “I’m so excited to be writing Captain Marvel!” She further elaborates that “Carol is such an iconic character with a rich history, and I can’t wait to add to her story. It’s an honor to work with Jan and I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve got coming!”

Marvel Creators Are Excited About the New Captain Marvel Series

Artist Jan Bazaldua expressed her excitement by saying “Captain Marvel is one of my favorite female characters, that’s why I’m very excited to draw her,” She also gushed about her admiration for the character “I have always seen her as a very self-confident woman with nothing she cannot face, and not just because she has super-powers, but because she has inner strength. That’s what I really enjoy about her and why I really appreciate this opportunity!”

Captain Marvel #1 comes out on October 25, 2023. Written by Alyssa Wong with art from Jan Bazaldua. Cover art by Stephen Segovia.

Source: Marvel

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