Car or private jet. “Audi” unveils the electric “Grand Sapphire”

Audi is promoting its latest concept car Grandsphere as a “private plane for the road”. Although theauto by its nature cannot fly, the German carmaker claimed to have designed theauto electric car thinking about luxury private travel.

Specifically, the interior of theauto it was designed to transform in a “first class lounge” when theauto And in autonomous mode, including the ability to stow the entire steering wheel to provide more space for the driver and front passenger.

The concept car represents what the Volkswagen-owned brand believes it can achieve, as it focuses on auto electric and self-driving, according to company officials. Audi also plans to offer exclusively auto electric by 2033, after unveiling its latest new ones auto gas-powered, which should be produced in 2026.

“It is the future of Audi. We are at the dawn of a new era of mobility,” Audi head of sales and marketing Hildegard Wurtmann said Thursday during the presentation. online ofauto.

He added: “None auto in sale today is self-driving, as all current driver assistance systems still require drivers to pay attention, but the Audi concept is designed to work in autonomous way without the supervision of the driver “.

Car or private jet. “Audi” unveils the electric “Grand Sapphire”

A true picture of the interior

The Grand Sphere is the second of three concepts car, with the first model, called the Skysphere, revealed last month as a high-performance roadster that blends Batmobile-like technologies with a design aggressive and luxurious services.

While the two auto they share some characteristics of the design exterior, the Grandsphere feels less “brutal” and features a cleaner, more luxurious interior, which was Audi’s main focus with theauto.

Probably the most surprising thing aboutauto is the lack of clear screens in the passenger compartment while driving in autonomous mode. Instead, everything that is normally connected via the infotainment system, including movies, is displayed on the dashboard in vehicle wood under the windshield.

steering wheel position

steering wheel position

While some of the auto that debuted included images generated at the computer, an Audi spokesperson said theauto it was real. It will be shown at the Munich Motor Show next week.

According to Audi, the term “sphere” in the names of auto experimental indicates the interior space of vehicles for drivers and passengers. The third concept, called Urbansphere, is expected to be unveiled in the first half of 2022.

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