Cardi B Slams Bernie Sanders Supporters After He Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

Cardi B, the Bronx native, was a supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign till he left previously today. The Intrusion of Personal privacy artist is less delighted with his base.

According to BET, Cardi isn’t pleased with the low voter-turnout rate amongst Sanders’ supporters, particularly considering it constantly looks like more youthful people are such big fans of him on social media.

On her Instagram Live, the 27- year-old rapper stated she was ill of the more youthful generation who declare they’re everything about ballot and political advocacy, however the huge bulk of them do not even head out to vote as they state they do.

The rapper stated, “I see a lot of young people on the Internet, always lying.” She added that she was “getting sick of y’all,” and their complacency was making her worn out. There’s no concern that the rapper has a point.

Regardless of the frustrating assistance of Bernie amongst Millenials, the citizen involvement rate amongst those under 30- years-old didn’t discuss 20%, a report from NPR exposed.

Cardi B discusses the Coronavirus, Bernie Sanders leaving of the 2020 democratic race, and Donald Trump.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) April 9, 2020

BET reported on remarks from John Della Volpe, a ballot director for Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, in which he mentioned that from the collection of information, it’s clear there is no proof of a boost amongst more youthful citizens.

In reality, the proof shows a decrease in citizen involvement amongst residents 30- years-old andbelow In addition, the rapper had more talk about the subject, consisting of the after-affects of the financial shutdown and the possibility of the infection’ ongoing spread.

Additionally, the “Bodak Yellow” artist recommended there was going to be a full- scale economic downturn due to the financial shutdown. In other words, the issues have not even began. As it was formerly reported, Bernie Sanders revealed he was leaving of the race near the start of the week.


Regardless of the reality his campaign had a strong start, Bernie and his team argued there was merely no chance he ‘d maintain to Joe Biden as the months went on. It didn’t assist that numerous of Biden’s former competitors selected to back him over Sanders.

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