Cardi B spotted without makeup and colorful wig in new photos – Some say Offset’s wife is unrecognizable, while others claim she is natural beauty

Cardi B decided to go all natural and showed off her makeup-free look, drawing a lot of attention from fans and even some outside commentators.

And while some quickly ridiculed the rapper, others were more defensive about him, claiming that she was brave to show what was beneath the surface, and that she was ready to make it clear that she was proud of her body and her appearance regardless of the circumstances.

The mother of a child wore a tight-fitting, low-cut blue dress, which added even more to the comments that most people sent her, and it appears that Cardi B – intentionally or unintentionally – caused unrest.

@iamcardib wow you are so beautiful without makeup and you look like one of the african warriors continues like this …… Nigeria

– Gareth (@gareth_sunday) December 24, 2019

Some pointed out that she seemed to be a different age without her makeup, while others were more positive about her appearance and shared good thoughts with the rapper.

Phew Lord Cardi B looks like a mess without makeup! ????

– ♈️ God’s Handwriting ✍???????????? (@j_ladrae) December 23, 2019

However, it does not appear that she plans to be bothered by either side of the commentary mill, as Cardi B made it clear that she was his own person and would not let the opinions of others be to define.

My fine ash bihh with and without makeup Tuh @iamcardib

– jusscallmi_kiki (@jusscallmi_kiki) December 24, 2019

Entirely, on the contrary, it has made various movements which have made its position even more solid over the years, and it has not allowed anyone to play with it in this regard.

Cardi told Vogue, “I could shake my a $ s, I could be the most ratchet person ever, I could fight tomorrow, but I’m still a super mom. All the time, I think about my child. I shake my money, but at the same time that I do business, I am on the phone with my business manager saying: make sure that a percentage of my check goes to the trust of my child. I give my daughter so much love and I prepare her for a future. I want to tell her that a lot of the work I have done in life – no matter what I have done, knowing that I wanted to have children made me work harder to ensure a good future for my children. children. “


And to that end, she received a lot of positive feedback from all directions and was a dominant pull for her fans.

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