Cargo plane crashes in Papua, Indonesia, in the search for the crew started

A small cargo plane crashed in a steep mountain forest in the eastern province of Papua, in Indonesia, officials said after an aerial search that found the missing Rimbon Air plane.
George Liu Mercy Randang, head of the Timica relief agency, said the search team had moved to thearea to try to determine the fate of the three crew members.

The Indonesian authorities have lost contact with a small cargo plane of the company “Rimbon Air”, fifty minutes after take-off, today, Wednesday, in the far east of the province of Papua.

The plane, a “Twin Otter 300”, was heading towards the Antan Jaya region, coming from the city of Nabri, with construction material on board.

The Indonesian Ministry of Transport said in a note that on board the plane there were a pilot, an assistant and a technician.

Randang said the weather was sunny when the plane took off in the morning, but it was cloudy at the crash site.

Air search teams confirmed that the cargo plane crashed in the city of Intan Jaya and was destroyed on the ground.

He added that elements of the search and rescue agency, the Indonesian army and the national police were on site to find the crew and assess the wreck.

“The important thing now is to have access to the crew,” Randang said.

Indonesia, a vast archipelago of around 270 million people, has been hit by transport accidents in recent years, including plane crashes and ferry sinking.

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