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CarMax wants to hire 1,800 for vehicle prep work


CarMax said Wednesday it plans to hire 1,800 service professionals by the end of the summer as it looks to get more vehicles sale-ready.

The move comes amid high demand and low supply for used vehicles.

The company said it is partnering with job search site Indeed to hold career events this month while also accepting virtual applications as it looks to fill positions such as technicians, detailers, painters and supply associates.

CarMax, the largest used-vehicle retailer in the U.S., wants to leverage additional staff to help the company increase its vehicle production, which essentially means receiving cars and trucks, assessing them, fixing them if necessary and generally preparing them to be sale-ready.

CarMax, which has 222 stores in the U.S., pointed to lower sellable inventory as one of the reasons profits declined in its fiscal fourth quarter.

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