Carol Vorderman Blasts Corrupt MPs, Expresses Interest in Politics

Carol Vorderman has had a long and successful career spanning over 30 years. From obtaining a degree from Cambridge, to releasing countless books and holding a 26-year presenting position on Countdown, there is nothing she has not achieved. Now, the 62-year-old is looking to pursue a career in politics, specifically in education policy. Growing up in North Wales, Carol experienced extreme poverty and relied on free school meals. Her difficult childhood has made her passionate about education and she has worked hard to improve the education of children by writing educational books and founding a free maths website. She believes that education is the “changemaker” and has seen the difference between state and private school education as her children attended private school. She expressed her desire to go into education policy for the betterment of children and expressed her disappointment in corrupt politicians. To help upskill 13 to 18-year-olds in artificial intelligence (AI) and prepare them for future careers, Carol has teamed up with Amazon as a judge on the Alexa Young Innovator Challenge. The competition provides teachers with free lesson plans and materials to engage and inspire students, and encourages students to code their own Alexa Skill, exploring the possibilities of using AI to help solve societal issues. Carol is looking for entries that will be good for a community and bring it together, and has faith in the younger generations to come up with creative solutions. She believes that the younger generations are kinder, more appreciative of democracy and have a different attitude towards equality. With Carol Vorderman’s passion for education, she is sure to make a great impact in the field of education policy.

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