Carrie Underwood Never Thought She Would Win American Idol

It’s hard to picture a time when Carrie Underwood wasn’t well-known or a seven-time Grammy winner, however there was a duration when nobody understood who she was. Carrie was simply a woman from Oklahoma with a love for singing and a lot of musical skill. She had actually done exceptionally well in school and went to college. At one point, she was used a recording agreement in Nashville, however she was young and things didn’t exercise. By the time she was 21- years-old, she auditioned for American Idol, and it was more of an interest than Carrie pursuing her dreams. She wished to see if she might make it– while never rather thinking she would. She never pictured she would win.

In the summer season of 2004, Carrie Underwood auditioned for American Idol Season 4. The auditions were kept in Missouri, and she sang Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson loved Carrie from the outset. You might see Carrie’s audition tape below.

Thinking About that Carrie nearly landed an agreement with Capitol records at 14- years-old, it appears she would have had the self-confidence to enter into American Idol with the mindset that she would a minimum of make it to Hollywood.

Carrie Underwood spoke at a Q&A session Nashvilles, 2020 Nation Radio Workshop and she opened about her American Idol experience and how she didn’t believe she wouldwin Carrie specified the following.

“I would say not an ounce of me thought I would win. I come from the tiniest town in the world. I’d never been on a plane before. I like to sing, but lots of people like to sing. I wanted to be a famous country music singer, but a lot of people do. What I honestly thought would happen was, I would go there, and the door would shut, and I could move on with the rest of my life, saying, ‘Well, I tried.’”

Carrie’s words stunned numerous who felt from her very first audition at American Idol she would wind up in the leading 10 or perhaps leading 5. Carrie was an early favorite for numerous with numerous pledging to vote for her from her preliminary audition.


What do you think of Carrie Underwood’s remarks? Are you amazed that she never thought she would win?

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