Carrie Underwood reveals she was frustrated after giving birth to baby number two, says “it took a minute” to recover her body

For almost five years, Carrie Underwood has designed and sold its CALIA line of sportswear to facilitate workouts so that women can be the strongest versions of themselves. The singer uses the mantra “stay on the path” as part of the CALIA brand, but admits that it was not easy after giving birth to her second son earlier this year.

Earlier this month, Underwood celebrated CALIA’s new winter collection in Aspen, Colorado, and she told People magazine that after having two kids – Isaiah, 4, Jacob Bryan, 11 months – her experiences after pregnancy were very different.

“After having my first child, I felt like I was rebounding quickly. And then with Jake, it was as if my body had taken a minute to return to me, “revealed Underwood. “It was frustrating, because I said to myself,” Why was it not like the first time? “”

Underwood said having four more years after her second pregnancy compared to the first helped her change her mindset. Singer Jesus Take the Wheel said she always works hard and wants to be the best version of herself. But she also cuts herself a bit and is kind to herself. Underwood explained that it’s amazing what women do to themselves, and “we’re probably all of our toughest critics.”

When it comes to health and fitness, Underwood is not a fan of the term “cheat days” because all that really is is “enjoying life”. Even though the holidays can be stressful, the country’s superstar says you can still say healthy and enjoy yourself at the same time.

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Underwood says you have to say “I’m going to have fun while on vacation” because it’s about friends, family, food and parties, but you can indulge responsibly.

“And once the New Year is over, get back on the horse. It’s like,‘ Okay, I had fun over the holidays. Now is the time to get back on track, “said Underwood.

As for her vacation plans with her two boys and husband Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood says it’s always “go, go, go” because they don’t live near the family. So, for the Fisher-Underwood clan, travel is their tradition.


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