Carvajal: Barcelona can still win the Scudetto in this season

Madrid: Dani Carvajal of Real Madrid has declared that his team cannot be satisfied with itself, despite the suffering experienced by its historical rivals, Barcelona, ​​at the beginning of the season in course. Barcelona are ninth in ranking before the current break for the national teams, 11 points behind leaders Real Sociedad and 10 points behind runner-up Real Madrid. And Xavi, the team’s former player, will coach Barcelona when they resume the league, as Serge Barjuan has led the team in the last two games following Ronald Koeman’s sacking from the team manager. “We have to work hard to get back to winning the cups,” said Xavi, who as a player won 25 trophies with Barcelona, ​​during his presentation this week. Many commentators expect that we will have to wait for the headlines, at least in championship, but Real Madrid’s Carvajal does not rule out Barcelona from competing for the title. He told the daily Marca: “Away from him. We respect all our competitors. They are surprised to see Barcelona so far, but no one can exclude them from getting a title.” He added: “Respect is essential. All the teams have good and bad moments, but everything comes out ”. Indeed, Carvajal expects strong influence from Xavi: “It’s a surefire change,” he said. The arrival of a character like Xavi at Barcelona will fill them with enthusiasm. “He underlined:” Even if he is a competitor, I wish him all the best – not in front of us – because he is a colleague. “(Dpa)

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